Ribbons of ridicule?

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Ribbons of ridicule? thumbnailRibbons which have been pinned on the Rotary Club of Ballycastle’s Tree of Remembrance. The initiative has been criticised by a number of people from the local area, but Rotary Club say far more people like it than not and that they’ve received positive

THE TREE of Remembrance in Ballycastle has been branded a "total mess" by one business owner who claimed a lot of the town's people were unhappy with their Christmas tree being "hi-jacked."
Whilst the idea of yellow ribbons for remembrance being pinned to a tree has been broadly welcomed, there's a percentage of people in the seaside town who feel the Christmas tree was the wrong place for them.
However, Mary O'Driscoll of the Rotary Club would argue that the negative comments have had a positive effect and that far more people are for the idea than against it!
Speaking to the Chronicle, the local businessman asked to remain anonymous for fear of "vilification" said he felt in theory the idea was a good one, but not in practice.
He said: "This is the best tree the town has seen in my lifetime. The Council boys worked hard at it and made sure they didn't just accept the first one they were sent. In my opinion the ribbons all over it have made it a total mess. It's not the town's Christmas tree anymore, it's a remembrance tree. I understand that we like to remember those not with us at Christmas - but it's also a tree for the children, they want to be happy when they look at it.
“The hoarding around the bottom of it and the gates around it doesn't look pretty. Whilst the idea is all well and good, and I see how it will raise money for charity, they might've had a second tree specifically for the yellow ribbons. It would have been far better elsewhere. A good idea - but in the wrong place."


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